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2019 L'Etape du Tour de France Mission


After 16 weeks and four distinct training phases, the L’Etape du Tour de France Training Club is coming to an end.. What’s next? The 2019 Zwift L’Etape du Tour de France Mission.

Over the course of 23 days between July 6th and July 28th, you’ll ride the same distance and elevation of the real-life L’Etape du Tour de France. 135 kilometers//83.8 miles. 4,563 meters//14,970 feet. To make the climbs of the challenge a little easier, there will be community group events to help you rack up the elevation.


  • Riders who complete the mission will unlock the stylish in-game Rapha x Étape du Tour cap for your avatar.


  • Mission: Ride the challenging distance & elevation of the 2019 L’Etape du Tour de France. 135km // 83.8mi & 4,563m // 14,970ft of climbing between July 6 and July 28.
  • Prize: Complete the mission and be entered into the draw to win 1 of 3, 2019 Rapha x Étape du Tour kits.
  • Official rules here.


Missions are fun challenges designed to put you to the test. Special rewards await those who complete them, and this one is no different. Any mile or meter ridden in Zwift counts towards your mission progress. Join climbing-focused events for maximum impact. Can you tackle the same distance and climb the same elevation as the real-life L’Etape du Tour de France? Only one way to find out.

Here’s how to join:

  • Log in to Zwift.
  • The Mission will appear in the top left of the start screen.
  • Select “Join Mission,” and you’re all set.
  • Look for hilly routes and community group events to help you complete the mission.
  • You'll be notified in-game and by email when you have completed the mission.


L’Etape du Tour de France is an organized mass participation sportive that allows amateur cyclists to race the same route as a Tour de France stage. It’s definitely a challenge, but riding alongside a dedicated community helps make it an experience to remember.


Founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004, Rapha exists to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. For 15 years, Rapha has been making the finest cycling clothing and organizing rides and events for passionate cyclists around the world. With 22 clubhouses in 13 countries, we continue to work with the best athletes and designers, and strive to perfect any adventure on the bike, whether it’s the shortest ride or the longest race.


On July 21st, dive into the 2019 Zwift L’Etape du Tour de France. This in-game sportive puts you on every road in Watopia, riding nearly the same distance and half the climbing as the real-life event. Go the distance and you’ll unlock the in-game Rapha x Étape kit as well as more kilometers/miles that count towards your mission completion.

2019 Zwift L’Etape du Tour de France
  • World: Watopia
  • Route: Uber Pretzel
  • Distance: 126.1km // 78.4mi
  • Elevation: 2,362m // 7,748ft
  • Unlock: In-game Rapha x Étape du Tour kit