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Deutschland Tour

Deutschland Tour

Welcome to Zwift's 2018 Deutschland Tour (Tour of Germany). We built this tour to mark the rebirth of Germany’s most popular stage race. The new, IRL Deutschland Tour is a “must” for most German pro cyclists, with 15 German WorldTour riders on the preliminary start list. The 132 pro riders who will take part in the Deutschland Tour from August 23-26, will fight for four leader jerseys on their way from Koblenz to Stuttgart.

We hand-picked each stage to create a similar experience to what the pros are racing. You'll experience what it's like to compete for 4 straight days over varied terrain and distances.

Is this a race?

Nein. Hammer all the stages. Hammer a few. It’s up to you. Some participants will ride the event like a race, but there is no winner of Zwift's Deutschland Tour. It's all about making the Tour your own and finishing as many stages as possible.

Fly the flag!

You’ll be auto-assigned the German kit head-to-toe so you can show your support.


The pros start the 2018 Tour with a flat stage and so do we. It's a day for the sprinters.

COURSE: Greater London Flat LAPS: 2
LAP DISTANCE: 11.6 km / 7.2 mi TOTAL DISTANCE: 23.2 km / 14.4 mi


Another flat stage at the real-world Deutschland Tour and another flat stage on Zwift. The hills are coming this weekend!

COURSE: Road To Ruins LAPS: 1
LAP DISTANCE: 29.6 km / 18.4 mi TOTAL DISTANCE: 29.6 km / 18.4 mi


The pro riders have a 10km time trial and so do we. How does it work? All Zwifters start together on Zwift time trial bikes. Drafting is disabled with time trial bikes, so there's no benefit to staying with the group. Ride as fast as you can for 1 lap of the Watopia Mountain Course and compare your time to other Zwifters.

COURSE: Watopia Mountain LAPS: 1
LAP DISTANCE: 29.5 km / 18.3 mi TOTAL DISTANCE: 29.5 km / 18.3 mi

Note: Joining late is disabled for this event so please plan accordingly.


The pro riders head to the German Black Forest for the 1 and only mountain stage of the Tour. We head to the hills for our first hilly stage, 1 punishing lap of the Figure 8 course.

COURSE: Figure 8 LAPS: 1
LAP DISTANCE: 29.8 km/ 18.4 mi TOTAL DISTANCE: 29.8 km/ 18.4 mi

Good luck Zwifters!

About ASO Deutschland Tour

The inaugural ​Deutschland Tour​ takes place 23rd - 26th August 2018. It’s a four-stage race. Like the Cycling classic Eschborn-Frankfurt, the Deutschland Tour is organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O) and its German subsidiary. This year’s Deutschland Tour is like no other. 1,500 suggestions and ideas came from you, the fans. Considering those, organizers built the course, making the motto “Germany. Your tour” come alive.

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