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Off The MAAP Tour

Get fired up and go Off the MAAP starting this July! Four stages. Two weeks. One perfect way to keep your fitness in tip-top shape.

Winter months often mean less frequent riding. Maybe it’s too cold. Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s snowing. We get it. But it’s always nice on Zwift, so we’re kicking off this four-part series that invites all Zwifters to stay in tip-top shape with our Aussie and Kiwi community without having to check the weather. 

Each stage runs for three days, with five make-up days at the end. Finish them all to unlock a sweet in-game Off the MAAP kit, plus a chance to score the real-life kit. 


The unique in-game Off the MAAP kit will be assigned to all participants, and once you finish all four stages, it’s yours to keep!


As soon as you unlock the in-game kit, you’ll be given the chance to pre-order the real-life Off the MAAP kit in a one-time-only deal. Rock both for a stylish look, in and out of the game. 


No. This is a way to stay fit alongside Zwift’s global community with a fun, fast series of rides over two weeks. That said, some might take this as an opportunity to check their progress and really push themselves. If you want to take it to the limit, give it a go and see where you stand.


MAAP exists for the progression of cycling. An independent brand established in 2014, they’re committed to bringing a new perspective on performance cycling apparel. Every piece that MAAP design evokes their obsession with quality, function, and precision. Fabrics are hand-selected from premier Swiss and Italian mills and are constructed at the most respected factories across Europe. Using the feedback and support from racing teams and cyclists around the globe, their industry-leading product developers are relentlessly refining and evolving every product, season after season.

Start planning your Off The MAAP Tour today! Schedule below.

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