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Parlee Speed Mission

Parlee, the cycling brand that produces arguably some of the finest frames in the world, is teaming up with Zwift this April. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Their flagship model, the RZ7 aero road bike, is a next-level speed machine, and the envy of everyone on the road. Now, you can find it on Zwift. Hop on Zwift this April and ride ~155 mi // 250 km in the Parlee Speed Mission to earn 100,000 Drops to use at the Drop Shop towards the purchase of the in-game RZ7. Any ride in any activity once you've enrolled counts towards the Mission goal.

Want the real-life version? Finish the Mission before April 16 for entry into a sweepstakes to win a Parlee RZ7 (plus SRAM Red AXS + ENVE wheels) you can hang in your garage.

Throughout April there will be Parlee Speed Group Ride events, giving you a taste of the RZ7 in game—all on Watopia’s fastest courses. Led by two Parlee ambassadors, Stephan Tytgadt and Rebecca Wiasak, this is the perfect chance to test out this stunning bike before heading over to the Drop Shop and adding it to your garage. 

Further details on the schedule of events can be found below. 

Terms and conditions can be found here.