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The Vätternrundan

The Vätternrundan is the world’s largest recreational cycling event. 300 kilometers. 23,000 riders. Beginning and ending in Motala, Sweden, cyclists from across the world will ride around Lake Vättern as well as the many smaller rides alongside the title event. For the first time ever, we’re bringing a slice of the action to Zwift to join the 37,000 cyclists who take part in the series.

The Zwift Vätternrundan Fondo is on its way. Designed to replicate the distance and climbing of roughly a quarter of the main Vätternrundan event, it’s a celebration of everything we’ve accomplished over the last 12 weeks in the group ride series with the Swedish Zwift Riders.

Join us on Zwift for a 80-kilometer recreational ride with friends new and old. Finish to unlock the stylish Zwift Vätternrundan kit!

See you in Motala!

The Vätternrundan is supported by Crescent Cycles, Thule, Wahoo, Oakley and Occano who offer a range of prizes to winners and competitors of the event.


Go the distance, and you’ll unlock the stylish Vätternrundan Zwift kit. Mostly black, the top of the jersey is creatively adorned in Swedish national colors with “Vätternrundan” written across it. Feel free to brag.


Vätternrundan Fondo

World: Watopia

Route: Out and Back Again, (Two Laps)

Total Distance: 79.6km // 49.6mi

Total Elevation: 606m // 1,988ft


You bet. Sure, it’s a group ride celebrating the Vätternrundan and everything the Zwift community has accomplished over the series. But it’s also an opportunity for many riders to put the hammer down and go the distance. A wicked cool event kit is waiting for you on the other side.