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Turn It Up Tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday

Welcome to Turn it up Tuesdays. This weekly run is here to kickstart your winter training and help prepare you for upcoming running events on your calendar. And it’s for all. 

Whether you’re a new runner who is just getting back into fitness, an experienced runner who wants to compete for a podium, or an athlete craving great workout with an awesome crew of fellow athletes, these structured workouts will help you achieve your running goals. 

And this series culminates in a 5K at the end of November. 

Bibrave pros are kicking off the first eight weeks of fun. The workouts are focused on improving fitness while keeping things fun. These training runs are open to all, so come out and join the party.  


Nope. Turn It Up Tuesdays is designed to help you hit your next running goal. That might mean going hard in preparation for your next race or just connecting with a solid community for a mellow trot. If you’re having fun and putting one foot in front of the other, you’re doing it right. 


Who is Bibrave?

Bibrave is like Yelp for races. It’s the best place to research events you’re considering and a great place to share feedback on races you’ve completed.


BibRave pros are active, enthusiastic, and socially-savvy run-bloggers.



Whether at home or at the gym, getting up and running is simple. All you need is a treadmill, footpod, and a device to run Zwift. Or, hop on a supported Bluetooth treadmill for a seamless experience. Watch the video for more.