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Vätternrundan Group Ride Series


The Vätternrundan is the world’s largest recreational cycling event. 300 kilometers. 38,000 participants. Beginning and ending in Motala, Sweden, cyclists from across the world will ride around Lake Vättern as well as the many smaller rides alongside the title event.

Want to be part of the fun?

We’re teaming up with the SZR (Swedish Zwift Riders) to give one lucky Zwifter and a friend the chance to go and take part on June 14th. Every Sunday between Feb 17th and May 12th (except April 21st), the SZR will lead group rides to teach you everything about riding in large groups and how to get through the 300km ride. The group rides will get longer over the 12 weeks to help you prepare for the 10 hours in the saddle on the day. Push through just 6 of the 12 for a chance to win the trip to Lake Vättern, flights and accommodation included.

See you in Motala.


Participating Zwifters will be auto-assigned the stylish Vätternrundan Zwift kit, adorned in Swedish national colors. Note that it can only be worn during rides. Want it in your closet for good? Come back June 10th for the Vätternrundan Gran Fondo on Zwift.


Sunday, Feb 17th | Duration: 1hr | World: Watopia | Route: Figure 8

Sunday, Feb 24th | Duration: 1hr | World: Watopia | Route: Mountain

Sunday, March 3rd Duration: 1hr 30min | World: London | Route: Triple Loops

Sunday, March 10th Duration: 1hr 30min | World: New York | Route: Rising Empire

Sunday, March 17th Duration: 1hr 30 | World: Watopia | Route: Road to Ruins

Sunday, March 24th Duration: 1hr 30 | World: New York | Route: Everything Bagel

 Sunday, March 31st Duration: 2hr | World: Watopia | Route: Big Loop

 Sunday, April 7th Duration: 2hr | World: Watopia | Route: Three Sisters

 Sunday, April 14th Duration: 2hr | World: London | Route: Pretzel

Sunday, April 28th Duration: 2hr | World: New York | Route: Knickerbocker

Sunday, May 5th Duration: 2hr 30 | World: Watopia | Route: Pretzel

Sunday, May 12th Duration: 2hr 30 | World: Innsbruck | Route: Achterbahn


These are group rides led by the Swedish Zwift Riders. Aimed at building a community around riding the Vätternrundan and rides of similar lengths, each ride will be progressively longer to really build your long-distance legs.

They aren’t races, but be sure to push yourself to make the most out of this series. Finish six for the chance to win entry to the Vätternrundan for you and a friend, flights and accommodation included.


The SZR is a dedicated group of Zwifters from Sweden that organizes races, weekly group rides, and other events on Zwift.

Official Sweepstake Rules