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Vätternrundan Group Ride Series


With almost 36,000 participants, the Vätternrundan is the world’s largest recreational cycling event. Every year, hardcore racers, casual riders, and cyclists of every stripe come together for a 315km ride around Sweden’s Lake Vättern.

This one-day event is the crown jewel of the bike festival that’s two weeks long and includes lots and lots of bike rides. 

Athletes from all over the world make the trip to experience the Vätternrundan magic. But it’s reputation is both its blessing and curse: getting an entry for the main event is difficult. Keep an eye out for the Vätternrundan sportives on Zwift in February as Zwift is giving away some entries during the series. 

We’re teaming up with the Swedish Zwift Riders (SZR), who will lead group rides every Sunday for 11 weeks between January 19th, 2020 and March 29th, 2020. Everyone who completes a ride will unlock the Vatternrundan in-game kit.

Want to be part of the fun?

Every Sunday between Jan 19th and March 29th, the SZR will lead group rides to teach you everything about riding in large groups and how to get through the 300km ride. The group rides will get longer over the series to help you prepare for the 10 hours in the saddle on the day. This series is part of a training schedule developed specifically for the Vätternrundan by Mattias Reck ex pro cyclist and renowned cycling coach.

See you in Motala.


Participating Zwifters will be auto-assigned the stylish Vätternrundan Zwift Kit, adorned in Swedish national colors. Finish the ride, and the jersey will be permanently unlocked.


Sunday, Jan 19th | Duration: 1hr 30 | World: Richmond | Route: Flat Route

Sunday, Jan 26th | Duration: 1hr 30 | World: London | Route: Greater Flat

Sunday, Feb 2nd Duration: 1hr 45 | World: Watopia | Route: Tick Tock

Sunday, Feb 9th Duration: 1hr 45 | World: London | Route: Greater Flat

Sunday, Feb 16th Duration: 1hr 45 | World: Watopia | Route: Flat Route

Sunday, Feb 23rd Duration: 1hr 45 | World: Watopia | Route: Tick Tock

 Sunday, Mar 1st Duration:1hr 30 | World: Watopia | Route: Waistband

 Sunday, Mar 8th Duration: 2hr | World: Watopia | Route: Magnificent 8

 Sunday, Mar 15th Duration: 2hr | World: London | Route: Greater Flat

Sunday, Mar 22nd Duration: 2hr | World: Watopia | Route: Volcano Flat

Sunday, Mar 29th Duration: 2hr | World: Watopia | Route: Tempus Fugit


These are group rides led by the Swedish Zwift Riders. Aimed at building a community around riding the Vätternrundan and rides of similar lengths, each ride will be progressively longer to really build your long-distance legs.

They aren’t races, but be sure to push yourself to make the most out of this series. 


The SZR is a dedicated group of Zwifters from Sweden that organizes races, weekly group rides, and other events on Zwift. Feel free to check them out and join one of their events!