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Zwift Race Series Running

Zwift Race Series

The Zwift Race Series is back and better than ever! Hope you’re ready!

Each month, we’ll be hosting a race on Zwift. Open to the entire community, these events will have different themes and special unlocks.

We call these events races, but in reality it’s a mass participation run focused on uniting the Zwift community. Test yourself against the clock over various distances and courses or join your friends for a unique fun run.


This Months Race

Chase Race 

Pack your passports, we’re headed to France! Hope you’re ready to run like someone’s chasing you, because, well, they are! Zwift Community Leaders will be taking off later on, in hot pursuit of you. The run leader will not start with the group and will try to chase you down. See how far you can make it before they catch up to you.



World: France

Route: Casse-Pattes

Total Distance: 4 mi // 6.5 km


New to Zwift Running?

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