Long Beach, CA


Who we're seeking:

As a graphics programmer at Zwift you’d be expected to work on our core graphics engine across all platforms, including MacOS/PC/Android/iOS using GL and GLES3.

What you'll do:

  • Design and program low level graphics engine systems
  • Optimize rendering systems for performance or memory
  • Special FX programming
  • Maintain cross platform shader system
  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

What we're looking for:

  • Excellent 3D math skills (linear algebra, vector math)
  • Experience implementing some common graphics effects (DoF, CSM, Motion Blur, HDR, or others)
  • Experience understanding, measuring, and optimizing graphics bottlenecks
  • Strong knowledge of C and C++ programming languages
  • Experience using standard graphics APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, GCM, Vulcan)
  • Proficiency with shaders
  • Desire to understand hardware at a low level
  • Console programming experience *Preferred*

Who we are:

Zwift is a digital destination for fitness enthusiasts. We took the boring indoor cycling routine and game-ified it, creating a rewarding social experience shared by a global community of riders.

We are a startup based primarily out of Long Beach, CA with offices in NYC, London, and Rio de Janeiro.

Zwift, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.