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Zwift How-To: Using a Ramp Test to Find Your FTP

on April 22, 2019

FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is a very useful performance metric for cyclists. Not only is it a solid measure of overall fitness, it also determines power training zones for structured workouts. So whether you want to take on a structured training plan or simply track fitness gains over time, your first step should be FTP testing.

There’s just one issue: taking an FTP test is hard work! Prior to the release of our new Ramp Test there were two ways to determine your FTP on Zwift:

  • Take one of the FTP tests under Workouts, which both require a 20-minute max effort
  • Allow Zwift to automatically estimate your FTP based on your best 20-minute average power

With our Ramp Test, riders now have a third, less daunting option. Rather than requiring a full 20-minute max effort, the Ramp Test begins easy and only becomes hard in the final few minutes. You can expect 4-8 minutes of hard effort when completing a Ramp Test, making it the least intimidating option for most riders.

Additionally, the Ramp Test is a great workout by itself. Looking for a short, max effort? Want to test your limits? Hop on and crush a Ramp Test!

Here’s a step by step guide to determining your FTP using Zwift’s Ramp Test.

Getting Started

Begin by selecting the Ramp Test workout:

The Warmup

The first interval is a 5-minute free ride warmup. You are free to ride at the power and cadence you’d like, but we recommend keeping your cadence high and ramping up your power over this interval so you are warmed up and ready for the test effort.

As the instructions say, keep in mind this is a seated test. This test returns its most accurate results when you work to keep your effort and technique consistent through each interval. Staying seated helps maintain this consistency.

The Ramp

After your warmup, the Ramp Test has you perform an ascending series of 1-minute intervals. These begin at 100 watts and increasing by 20 watts each minute until you can’t turn the pedals any longer.

The Results

Once you stop pedaling, the screen will change:

Click “I’m toast” or let the timer run out, and Zwift will calculate your FTP based on how far you got into your final interval. Your new FTP will be automatically saved to your profile.

That’s it, all done. Congrats on your new FTP!