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Welcome to the Zwift Classics

by Zwift
on June 24, 2019

The Zwift Classics are here. High-speed, all-out races. One day only. Five-person teams from professional cycling and the best of the Zwift community will take to the start line beginning this July to put the hammer down and take it to the limit. First over the line wins.

It all kicked off on 3 July with the London International. This women’s-only race took place in the London world, on the Classique route, a replica of an iconic course finishing on the red tarmac of The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. Six laps of the 5.4 kilometers // 3.3 miles loop await racers here, which including the lead-in makes for a total race distance of 38.4 kilometers // 23.8 miles. Read the full race report here. 

Next was is The Apple Lap, where men's teams took on four laps of New York's Park Perimeter Loop.




Race reports:


Upcoming Zwift Classics:

Richmond Challenge (Women’s)
Wednesday, 7 August, 7pm BST
World: Richmond
Route: UCI Worlds
Distance: 16.3km // 10.1mi
Elevation: 142m // 467ft
Laps: 2

Trofeo Bologna (Men’s)
Wednesday, 14 August, 7pm BST
World: Italy
Route: Bologna TT
Distance: 8.2km // 5.1mi
Elevation: 233m // 764km
Laps: 3

Rund um Innsbruck (Women’s)
Wednesday, 4 September, 7pm BST
World: Innsbruck
Route: Innsbruckring
Distance: 8.8km // 5.5mi
Elevation: 72m // 237ft
Laps: 4

Watopia Cup (Men’s)
Thursday, 5 September, 7pm BST
World: Watopia
Route: Watopia Flat
Distance: 10.3km // 6.4km
Elevation: 54m // 177km
Laps: 3




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