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Get Set Up


Runpod Setup

RunPod is your key to unlocking Zwift and making serious training fun. Run with friends from around the world and get fit together.

the battery

Using a coin, twist the battery cover counter-clockwise until the cover comes off. About a half-revolution. Insert the battery (it’s included) face up and replace the battery cover. Turn clockwise, until you feel a click.


Place the holder under laces, between the 2nd and 3rd eyelets, counting upwards from the toes. Place RunPod onto holder and twist until it clicks. Once in place, the Z on the RunPod will be centered.

Your measurements

For the most effective training, make sure your height, weight, gender, and age are correct.

with Zwift

Launch Zwift. In the pairing screen, click/tap “Run Speed.” Start walking at a decent pace to wake-up the RunPod. Look for your Zwift RunPod on the pairing screen list. Select your RunPod and click/tap “OK.” Your RunPod should also connect as the Cadence device Using a heart rate monitor? Pair it here, on the pairing screen.

first run

Are you ready for your first run on Zwift? Our First Run is the ideal way to get a feel for Zwift.

that helped

If you need some assistance, head over to our Support Page for more info.