May 4 - May 30



Join the Tour For All and come together with the Zwift Community to support Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in their response to COVID-19. Together, we can make the Tour for All our most impactful multi-stage event yet. We’re kicking off the Tour with a $125,000 donation to MSF’s COVID-19 Crisis Fund to support the organization’s global emergency response to the pandemic and its consequences. We’ll match that donation at the end of the Tour if 250,000 Zwifters finish at least one stage. Let’s go—there’s power in numbers!


Click into each specific stage page from the list below.
You’ll see a description of the stage, the different run
groups, the available dates, and the scheduler feature
for upcoming events. 

Run Any Stage

You control your destiny in the Zwift Tour For All. Want to tap into our massive community? Join a group run. Want to explore solo? Either way, you can connect with Zwifters united by a common cause. Learn more below.

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Rules & FAQ

What is the Zwift Tour For All?
The  Tour for All is a new multi-stage mass participation cycling and running event and Zwift’s largest cause-driven campaign. We’re starting the Tour with a $125,000 donation to MSF to support COVID-19 relief efforts. We’ll match that donation at the end of the Tour if 250,000 Zwifters finish at least one stage. Let’s do this — there’s strength in numbers!

How can I help support COVID-19 relief efforts?
We encourage Zwifters to donate to MSF or your favorite local and national charities. But that’s not required.

When does Zwift Tour For All start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on May 4. The last day to make up a stage is May 30.

How do I get started?
From the Zwift Tour for All homepage, click on the page for Stage 1, or the current stage if you start late. You’ll see a description of the stage, the available dates, and the schedule. Sign up. On the day of the event, give yourself 10 minutes before your start time to stretch out your legs. We notify you in-game when your event is about to start, so don’t worry about losing track of time while warming up. Once you join the event and your avatar stands at the starting line, talk to the other runners and see if anyone wants to run your pace.

What equipment do I need?
A speed device like a footpod or treadmill sensor (and make sure it’s calibrated!). A heart rate monitor is recommended, but not required. Finally, make sure you have enough water, a towel, and a fan.

Is Zwift Run Free?
Yes. Running on Zwift doesn’t require a paid subscription.

What if I miss a stage?
Make up stages will be available between May 24 and May 30. During that week, we’ll host make up events for all five stages.

What do I get for completing all stages?
The satisfaction that you helped contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts as well as a stylish in-game Zwift Tour for All kit!

Do I have to participate in both distances to finish a stage?
No, just choose whichever distance you’re comfortable running that day, and you’ll get credit. If you’re feeling ambitious, up the ante and compete in Group A for a longer run. Short on time? Push it in the shorter distance with Group B.

Do I need to participate in both Ride and Run events to complete the Zwift Tour for All?
No. While that’s a next-level accomplishment, one we encourage everyone to try, there’s no requirement to take everything on.

I’d like to run and ride all of the Zwift Tour for All.
Nice. We like your style! You can both ride and run the Tour. Your efforts in both will net you TWO unlocks for your achievements.

How long do I have to complete each stage?
Each stage will be available for four days before moving onto the next.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
No. The Tour follows a specific order, so to complete each stage, participants must finish them in order or during the designated make up days.

How can I withdraw from Zwift Tour For All?
Just click through to officially withdraw. You can rejoin the fun at any time if you change your mind!