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This Week is MORE Than Sport™

on October 03, 2016

Zwift is proud to team up again this year with MORE Than Sport™ - a global movement of athletes who believe in competing for MORE than just a win. They transform lives around the world through amazing products, service trips, and fundraising opportunities to support clean water, food, housingmedical care, and education for those in need.

This year our donation brings you a week of awesome group rides featuring special audio content. Listen in as the voice of the Amgen Tour of California, Dave Towle, interviews a different MORE Than Sport partner athlete each day to raise awareness for the 5 core causes.




Water is life’s basic necessity, but nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. The global water crisis is devastating lives across the world every day, but you can help change that.

Join Dave as he interviews 3x Ironman Champion, U.S. National Ironman Champion and Founder of More Than Sport, Chris Lieto.

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1 in 9 people suffer from chronic undernutrition. Many are children. Working together, we can conquer world hunger and put food back on the tables of families both at home and abroad.

Ride along as Dave interviews 4x Triathlon World Champion and 2012 Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave.

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No one is safe from homelessness. Around the globe, conflict, natural disasters, economic downturns and personal misfortunes are all to blame. 100 million people go to sleep each night with no roofs over their heads. We can help them have a better tomorrow.

Listen in as Dave interviews 8x Ironman Champion Luke McKenzie.

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There are 1 billion people globally who do not have access to a physician or any type of medical care. Approximately 60% of those affected are children. Join us in the fight to create a happier and healthier life for those that the world forgets.

Pedal along as Dave interviews 5x Ironman Champion Linsey Corbin.

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The hope for a brighter tomorrow is in the hands, hearts and minds of the world’s youth. Teaching kids basic literacy and math skills can significantly reduce global poverty. Change starts here.

Cruise along as Dave interviews 3x Ironman World Champion and 2x Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Craig Alexander.

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Bel Flint - A Cyclist with a Lot to Give over 4 years ago