March 9 - April 2




Explore the world that started it all in Tour of Watopia!

Our most rewarding event of the year, each and every one of the 5 stages has double the XP for even more fun. Chase your next level in a group ride or run—or take it to the limit in a race. Some of the runs in Tour of Watopia will be based on time and others on distance. Check each stage beforehand to see if its distance-based or time-based!

Tour of Watopia Schedule

Click into each specific stage page from the list below.
You’ll see a description of the stage, the different run
and race groups, the available dates, and the scheduler
feature for upcoming events.

Run or Race

Any Stage

You choose how you Tour of Watopia. Looking for something mellow? Pace out the run. Ready for a challenge? Race the stage. Select a time and get moving—the fun competition only makes you faster. Learn more below.

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Rules & FAQ

What is Tour of Watopia?
Explore the world that started it all. All 5 stages will earn you double XP. What does this mean? It means you can level up faster than ever. Unlock new routes and clothes with every level.

When does Tour of Watopia start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on Mar 9. The final stage wraps up on Mar 28

How do I get started?
From the Tour of Watopia homepage, click into each stage page. You’ll see a description of the stage, the available dates, and the scheduler feature for upcoming events. Give yourself 10 minutes before your start time to get a pre-jog in. We notify you in-game when your event is about to start, so don’t worry about losing track of time while warming up. Once you join the event and your avatar stands at the starting line, talk to the other runners and see if anyone wants to run your pace.

What equipment do I need?
A speed device like a footpod or treadmill sensor (and make sure it’s properly calibrated!). A heart monitor is a good bonus but not totally necessary. Finally, make sure your treadmill station has enough water, a towel, and that your fan is turned on.

Is Zwift Run Free?
100%. Running on Zwift currently requires no paying subscription.

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available between March 29 and April 2, after Stage 5 finishes. During that one week, we’ll host events to cover all 5 stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to get your runs in!

What do I get for completing all stages?
You’ll get a stylish in-game Tour of Watopia 2020 shirt!

Do I have to participate in both distances to finish a stage?
No, just choose whichever distance you’re comfortable running that day, and you’ll get credit. If you’re feeling ambitious, up the ante and compete in Group A for a longer run. Short on time? Push it in the shorter distance with Group B.

Can I race the running stages?
Yes. Each stage allows participants to either run at their own pace or tear it up to get to the podium all within the same event.

Do I need to participate in both Ride and Run events to complete Tour of Watopia?
No. While that’s a next-level accomplishment, one we encourage everyone to try, there’s no requirement to take everything on.

I’d like to run and ride all of Tour of Watopia.
We’re impressed by your courage! Well, good news: You can both ride and run the Tour. Your efforts in both will net you TWO unlocks for your achievements.

How long do I have to complete each stage?
Each stage will be available for four days before moving onto the next.

Can I free run or race the distance without joining a group run?
No. You must join the group runs to complete each stage. We’re offering multiple group runs per day to help with everyone’s schedules.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
No. The Tour follows a specific order, so to complete each stage, participants must finish them in order or during the designated make-up days.

How do I withdraw from Tour of Watopia?
Want to bow out? No problem, just click through to officially withdraw. You can also rejoin the fun at any time!

How does Double XP work and why is it important?
Every mile or kilometer you finish during Tour of Watopia rewards you with double the usual experience points. How does this help? You can reach new levels and unlocks (outfits and hidden routes) at an even quicker rate!